Hamah Holding is a privately-held diversified holding company.


Hamah Holding is a privately-held diversified holding company, based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and being active in a wide range of industries including Food, Oil and Gas, Contracting and Infrastructure and Real Estate.

A family business with a deep-rooted history and recognized across the region for its strongly-held values and long-term strategic partnerships with local and global firms.


To be the leading business and investment group in the Middle East and recognized for our innovative and unique investments and exceptional performance.


To create value and stable and profitable growth to our shareholders, offer quality and value for money to our clients and commit to our community on building our business on solid values.


We appreciate and commit to honesty and take responsibility of our actions and honor our commitments.


We recognize the difference in backgrounds, knowledge, experience and working methods and encourage diversity by all means.


We value team spirit and having an open and sharing culture that is united through the same vision and objectives.


We simply share information, opinions and all the way to obstacles and successes.


We are driven by our strong commitment to our vision, mission and goals. We try to capitalize and leverage on our strengths and resources to capture the right opportunity and transform it to a real success story.

Proactive and Adaptive

We try always to be close to our clients, shareholders and our team and challenge ourselves to have a holistic and strategic approach towards any market.

Hamah Holding Goals

Our clients’ first

To become our clients’ first choice in the Kingdom and GCC based on the competitive advantage that we uniquely offer, in the form of quality, response and execution speed and expertise in the market.

Empowering our brand

Empowering our brand and boosting our image in the local and Gulf markets.

Maintaining our existing clients

Maintaining our existing clients and gaining the trust of potential ones through our competitive offers.

Providing a bright image

Providing a bright image of business in many sectors in Saudi Arabia and standing out with our style.

Fulfilling the maximum level

Fulfilling the maximum level of our clients’ satisfaction by serving them with the highest standards and ensuring all their needs are met irrespective of how difficult this may be.